Public Safety & Emergency 






For over 30 years, the Safeware-Mallory team has provided public safety equipment nationally with expertise in personal protective equipment. The team services and supports all aspects of safety from law enforcement and fire service special operations to public utility and public works crews. Our company’s history of quick response to the major safety crises of the past twenty years, including our direct involvement and sustained efforts during 9/11 and the California wildfires, uniquely positions us as experts in public safety and response. Safeware-Mallory is a single source for all public safety equipment, offering competitive pricing, servicing options, process savings, and national coverage with regional expertise.


The Omnia Partners contract is competitively bid. Public agencies are able to eliminate the bid process through the Joint Powers Authority of Cooperative Procurement Authority and purchase their supplies and services at a reduced cost. Agencies that use this contract experience on average a 5% savings over traditional procurement practices in the process alone.

About Safeware-Mallory

Safeware, Inc. of Lanham, Maryland and Mallory Safety and Supply of Longview, Washington have partnered to form the team of Safeware-Mallory for the purpose of providing U.S. Communities participants with the highest level of expertise and service in Public Safety.
Both Safeware and Mallory are nationally recognized industry leaders in the distribution and servicing of this market segment. The two companies have had a long history of working together. Most importantly they share core values, professionalism and a deep sense of responsibility to their customers. Their many synergies along with a strong background in distribution, emergency preparedness equipment, and response will be of great benefit to U.S. Communities.
The Safeware-Mallory
Team brings national coverage and regional expertise to all agencies. We are committed to providing all customers with an exceptional selection of safety products and expertise, combined with the support of service and response, for a total safety solution.